At Clover Road Christian Church, we understand worship to be a lifestyle~~one that encompasses the weekly gathering of our church family as well as how we live out our everyday lives for God. Scripture tells us (Romans 12:2) that when we offer our lives to God for His purpose, we are actually participating in a special, spiritual act of worship. And when, as a church community, we begin to connect to God in a way that goes beyond the motions, we start to see worship in a whole new dimension~~one that is an integral part of the way we live our lives and relate to those around us. We invite you to join us in our weekly celebration of our Creator through music, drama, prayer, and communion each Sunday. If you have any questions about the worship ministry, please contact the church at 573-221-5130.

785 Clover Road, Hannibal, MO  63401 • (573) 221-5130
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