World Changers



The check-in desk is located at the top of the stairs, to the right.


World Changers is offered during both Sunday morning services (9 and 10:30 am) and Wednesday Night (6 pm).

Safety and security are a priority.  All volunteers are background checked. 



Type in your last name and a name-tag for your child is printed off as well as a parent ticket. At the end of service, walk into the World Changers to pick up your child from small group.  On your way out, the volunteers will check the name-tag and parent claim ticket for matching numbers. This ensures the safety of all our children. If it is your first time at Clover Road, you will be asked to fill out a registration form. A sticker with your child's information will be put on their back. You will receive a card with the same digital number.  The following Sunday, the information will be in the computer.  You can print off and fill out the form to save time on Sunday morning. 

Registration Form

what to expect

We begin with worship for grades K-5. Then we have a Biblical-based lesson. Finally, the children are divided into small groups based on grade/gender to help each child make the application of the lesson to their lives.